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Friday, February 29

Nicole Scherzinger Happily Never After (Credit to ALi's Blog)
There's no denying that Nicoles solo career since leaving PCD has not gone as well as was expected, so much so infact that she has returned to PCD to work on their sophomore set and has put her solo record 'Her Name Is Nicole' on hold! There are rumours that the next PCD album will be released along with Nicole's solo songs! Quite how this will work I don't know but I think she should release 'Her Name Is Nicole' now and then get back to PCD knowing exactly how well her record did! But with her album put on hold many new songs are leaking and this has to be the best of the bunch! It's a beautiful ballad written by and featuring backing vocals by Ne-Yo! Really really worth a download! Please make sure you comment on what you think of the song! I know many of you wanted me to post this song so I would like to hear you're "feedback feedback" (see what I did there lol!)

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The Backstreet Boys have the same song, same words, same title as one of their unreleased tracks on their album. It sounds alot better with their voices.

caz said...
5 March 2008 at 09:54  

I didn't like the song...
I think you should post more UK Garage & Grime tracks

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