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Friday, February 29

Nicole Scherzinger Happily Never After (Credit to ALi's Blog)
There's no denying that Nicoles solo career since leaving PCD has not gone as well as was expected, so much so infact that she has returned to PCD to work on their sophomore set and has put her solo record 'Her Name Is Nicole' on hold! There are rumours that the next PCD album will be released along with Nicole's solo songs! Quite how this will work I don't know but I think she should release 'Her Name Is Nicole' now and then get back to PCD knowing exactly how well her record did! But with her album put on hold many new songs are leaking and this has to be the best of the bunch! It's a beautiful ballad written by and featuring backing vocals by Ne-Yo! Really really worth a download! Please make sure you comment on what you think of the song! I know many of you wanted me to post this song so I would like to hear you're "feedback feedback" (see what I did there lol!)

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Estelle is set to have one of the most succesful comebacks (remember her track '1980'?) in 2008 with the second single of her sophomore album 'Shine' (out May 5 in the UK and May 6 in the US!) called 'American Boy' is doing major things on the UK's airwaves and music channels! Estelle is helped on this song by her friend Kanye West who adds that extra edge needed on this track! I believe Estelle can make it BIG this year and for that reason alone I will NOT be posting the mp3 link to the track as I want all of you to download it on iTunes US NOW (click here) and in the UK on March 17 with the physical copy being available on March 24! Below though is the brand new music video for the track which shows a very sophisticated Estelle strutting her stuff with Mr. West! Enjoy the video and please let me know what you think of this UK Homegrown talent!

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Timbaland Get It Girl (Credit goes to ALi's Blog)
Timbaland has decided to hook up with Verizon to release some of his new material and this is the latest track to be released and features his long term collaborating partner Ms. Keri Hilson (is there any Timbo song that don't feature Keri? lol!) Anyway the track is pretty good and is worth a download if you're a fan of either artist! It is unknown whether this will be included on Timbaland's upcoming album 'Shock Value II' or indeed Keri Hilson's debut album 'In A Perfect World'! What do you make of this track? Are you looking forward to the release of 'Shock Value II' at the end of the year?

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JAY SEAN / MAYBE (2nd Single) - MP3 & MUSIC VID!

Jay Sean Maybe (Credit to Musical Groove)
This is UK homegrown talent Jay Sean's second single to be lifted off of his sophomore set 'My Own Way' (due for release in the UK on April 28!) and is called 'Maybe' (due for release in the UK on 7 April!) and is the massive follow up to first single 'Ride It' which managed to hit #11 on the UK charts in January with no promotion! Which nowadays for a UK urban artist is very difficult to achieve! So big up to Mr Sean and sit back relax and enjoy this new song and as a little treat from me to you for stickng by me is the music video! What do you guys think of this new track from Jay? I want a lot of input from you guys this time round please especially on UK artists as that is my main focus on this blog! Looking forward to hearing from you guys once again! UK REP IS BACK IN THE PLACE!

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UK Rep Update!

Thursday, February 28

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with you guys and say a massive thank you to all the nice welcome back messages I've been getting! And in case some of you guys have not read my shoutbox, I will be back to posting music, news and reviews TOMORROW!!! I can't wait!!!

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I'm Back Guys!

Saturday, February 23

Hey guys!

First of all I'd like to apologise for re-opening this blog later than I had originally promised (January 2008!) but the good news is that I am back and will hopefully fill all your music needs with the recent departure of many music blogs! The record industry are currently hitting down hard on music blogs and therefore I will need to be a little bit more careful than I had been in the past! So there is going to be a slight change to the way you will download music from my blog! One thing I have in common with you is that I love music blogs so I thought I would return as a music blog and on the side a database so I will no longer hold my own files to zShare or wherever but instead will borrow links from other music blogs giving them the credit they are owed so they don't get upset! I feel this is only fair as one of the stresses I found last timeround was people stealing my links with no credit but now I will not have my own links (or at least very rarely!) but if I do post any of my own links they will be labelled as UK Rep Xclusivs! This will normally only happen with an unown UK artist that not many blogs have picked up on yet! I look forward to bringing you the latest music for 2008! This year is finally picking itself up music wise with new releases expected this year by Mariah Carey, Usher, Beyonce, Kelis, Nelly, Michael Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Milian, Gnarls Barkley, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Cassie, Timbaland, John Legend, JoJo, Mario Winans, Brandy, Ashanti, Tweet and possibly the return of ecverybody's favourite group Destiny's Child! There are also some great new releases expected this year by some great UK homegrown talent including Nathan, Duffy, Alesha, Taio Cruz, T2, MIKA, Booty Luv, Su-Elise, Fun*dmental '03, Simon Webbe, Sabrina Washington, The Streets, Sandi Thom, Will Young, Lemar and possibly the return of the legendary Amy Winehouse!

It feels really good to be back and I would love to hear your welcoming comments and what you think of the new look and the shift from blue to orange! lol! I missed you guys and cannot wait to hear from you again! Anything you think I should be aware of? Let me know! Just drop me a comment below!

With the update of the site's layout the navigation menu at the top of the screen will take a while to be fully performing as I have not got any posts on this site yet for those links to be linked to! If you get me! Speak to you soon!

UK Rep

One more very important thing:
THIS SITE CAN ONLY BE VIEWED PROPERLY ON INTERNET EXPLORER AND NOT ON ANY OTHER LIKE MOZILLA! SORRY! You can still view it on Mozilla, it's just that the layout will be disjointed!

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