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I'm Back Guys!

Saturday, February 23

Hey guys!

First of all I'd like to apologise for re-opening this blog later than I had originally promised (January 2008!) but the good news is that I am back and will hopefully fill all your music needs with the recent departure of many music blogs! The record industry are currently hitting down hard on music blogs and therefore I will need to be a little bit more careful than I had been in the past! So there is going to be a slight change to the way you will download music from my blog! One thing I have in common with you is that I love music blogs so I thought I would return as a music blog and on the side a database so I will no longer hold my own files to zShare or wherever but instead will borrow links from other music blogs giving them the credit they are owed so they don't get upset! I feel this is only fair as one of the stresses I found last timeround was people stealing my links with no credit but now I will not have my own links (or at least very rarely!) but if I do post any of my own links they will be labelled as UK Rep Xclusivs! This will normally only happen with an unown UK artist that not many blogs have picked up on yet! I look forward to bringing you the latest music for 2008! This year is finally picking itself up music wise with new releases expected this year by Mariah Carey, Usher, Beyonce, Kelis, Nelly, Michael Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Milian, Gnarls Barkley, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Cassie, Timbaland, John Legend, JoJo, Mario Winans, Brandy, Ashanti, Tweet and possibly the return of ecverybody's favourite group Destiny's Child! There are also some great new releases expected this year by some great UK homegrown talent including Nathan, Duffy, Alesha, Taio Cruz, T2, MIKA, Booty Luv, Su-Elise, Fun*dmental '03, Simon Webbe, Sabrina Washington, The Streets, Sandi Thom, Will Young, Lemar and possibly the return of the legendary Amy Winehouse!

It feels really good to be back and I would love to hear your welcoming comments and what you think of the new look and the shift from blue to orange! lol! I missed you guys and cannot wait to hear from you again! Anything you think I should be aware of? Let me know! Just drop me a comment below!

With the update of the site's layout the navigation menu at the top of the screen will take a while to be fully performing as I have not got any posts on this site yet for those links to be linked to! If you get me! Speak to you soon!

UK Rep

One more very important thing:
THIS SITE CAN ONLY BE VIEWED PROPERLY ON INTERNET EXPLORER AND NOT ON ANY OTHER LIKE MOZILLA! SORRY! You can still view it on Mozilla, it's just that the layout will be disjointed!

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I'm so happy you're back !!!

calandragreen said...
24 February 2008 at 02:09  

Ahhh i was getting worried with all those haters saying u disappeared on us lol!

Michael said...
3 March 2008 at 00:39  

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